Publications in review

  • Hayes K. Acid-digestion recovers more pyrogenic carbon and reduces variability compared to traditional manual counting, particularly where pyrogenic carbon is scarce. Geoderma. [In Revision]
  • Carter, T, Hayes K, Buma B. Putting more fuel on the fire… or maybe not? A synthesis of spruce beetle and fire interactions in North American Subalpine forests. Landscape Ecology. [In Review]
  • Hayes K, Carter T, Cook, P, Twaddell E, Buma B. Supporting Graduate Field Leadership through Community-Sourced Advice, Action, and Policy. Ecosphere. [In Review]

Publications in preperation

  • Hayes K, Hoffman C, Buma B. Short-interval reburning changes fuel structures in Boreal forests.
  • Hayes K, Lucash, M, Buma B. Reburning drives shifts in aboveground biomass and soil carbon in Boreal Interior Alaska.
  • Hayes K, Silva L, Gavin D. Soil carbon and charcoal show fire was abundant in prehistoric coast redwood forests.

Harnessing NEON to evaluate ecological tipping points - Opportunities, challenges, and approaches


Harnessing the NEON data revolution to advance open environmental science with a diverse and data-capable community


More than one way to kill a spruce forest - the role of fire and climate in the late-glacial termination of spruce woodlands across the southern Great Lakes

Journal of Ecology

Wildland fire reburning trends across the US West suggest only short-term negative feedback and differing climatic effects

Environmental Research Letters